Angle Estimates

Estimate the size of these angles then add your estimates together.


Teacher: There's a protractor you can drag over the angles to measure them. Hold down the shift key while dragging to rotate the protractor. The previous Flash version of this activity is here. This may be useful if you have an older web browser that does not support rotating the protractor.

Topics: Starter | Angles | Estimating | Geometry

  • L Smith, Colwyn Bay
  • An absolutely brilliant resource. Only recently been discovered but is used daily with all my classes. It is particularly useful when things can be saved for further use. Thank you!
  • Transum,
  • It has always been tricky to demonstrate the use of a protractor to a class until overhead projectors came along. Does anyone still have those over sized wooden protractors designed to be used with the blackboards? They were difficult to handle and, not being transparent, were useless for angles with smaller arms. This starter provides a visual aid making it easier to show the finer points of protractor use.
  • Richard Field, A School
  • I have tried torch and chrome and the protractor doesnt rotate.

    [Transum: Try holding down the 'shift' key as you drag the protractor to rotate it. If it still doesn't work in your versions of the browsers try the Flash version instead. The link is under the main panel above. Feedback if still no joy!]
  • Hannah C, Coorara Primary School
  • Thank you for making this starter. They are really fun and our class uses them every day. This one was great for our angles activities.

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Allow five degrees either side of the correct answer.

Note to teacher: Doing this activity once with a class helps students develop strategies. It is only when they do this activity a second time that they will have the opportunity to practise those strategies. That is when the learning is consolidated. Click the button above to regenerate another version of this starter from random numbers.

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