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Free mathematical interactive learning activities for
iPads, tablets and similar computing devices.


Arrange the numbers on the squares so that the totals along each line of three squares are equal.

Maths Mind Reader

Investigate this amazing mind reading performance based on simple mathematical principles.

Circle Theorem Pairs

A pairs game based around ten theorems about the angles made with chords, radii and tangents of circles.

Hard Times

The hardest multiplication facts (according to Transum research) are presented in the form of pairs games.

One Minute Maths

A challenge to mentally add numbers together without making the classic place value mistakes.


Find your way through the maze encountering mathematical operations in the correct order to achieve the given total.

Standard Order

Arrange the numbers given in standard form with the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom.

Drawing 3D Objects

Draw two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects on an isometric dotty grid.


Memorise the digits of pi with help from some musical notes.

Code Cracker

Crack the code by replacing the encrypted letters in the given text. There are lots of hints provided about code breaking techniques.

Prime Numbers Jigsaw

Interactive jigsaw puzzles of different types of grids containing prime numbers.

Thai Numbers Jigsaw

An online interactive jigsaw puzzle of a grid of Thai number symbols.

Chinese Numbers Jigsaw

An online interactive jigsaw puzzle of a grid of Chinese number symbols.

Digital Darts

An online darts game for one or two players requiring skill, strategy and mental arithmetic.

The Rowcol Game

A strategy game based on claiming tokens in specific rows and columns.


Find the mathematical word from a series of guesses and clues.


An online interactive game celebrating the order of mathematical operations.


Find the expression from a series of guesses and clues.

Clock Times Pairs

The traditional pairs or Pelmanism game adapted to test the ability to compare analogue and digital times.

Mathematician Pairs

The traditional pairs or Pelmanism game requiring the ability to recognise some of the great mathematicians.

Months of the Year

Match the month name with the month number in this drag and drop activity

Decimals Line

A number line showing tenths and hundredths with draggable arrows. This is a visual aid designed to be projected onto a whiteboard for whole class exposition

Tower of Hanoi

Move the pieces of the tower from one place to another in the minimum number of moves.

Fraction Decimal Pairs

The traditional pairs or Pelmanism game adapted to test knowledge of simple fractions and their equivalent decimals.

Boxed In Numbers

The classic dots and boxes game with the addition of some positive and negative numbers which determine your score.


Arrange the given numbers on the cross so that the sum of the numbers in both diagonals is the same.

Equivalent Fraction Pairs

The traditional pairs or Pelmanism game adapted to test knowledge of equivalent fractions.

Boxed In Fractions

The classic dots and boxes two-player game with the addition of some fractions which determine your score.

Blow Up

Click on all the points that could be the centre of enlargement of the shape if the image does not go off the grid.

If Then What?

Deduce multiplication and division results from a related calculation.

Time Arithmetic

Practise adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing times with these self-marking exercises.

Plane Numbers

Arrange numbers on the plane shaped grid to produce the given totals

Cheese and Onion Pies

Sort the fractions from smallest to largest.


Some picture grid puzzles which can be solved by using simultaneous equations.


Earn points by creating equations on the grid in this game of equations.

Groups of Four

A simplified, mathematical version of the challenge seen in the British TV programme Only Connect. Find the connections between the terms.

Make Them Right

Arrange the measurements next to the sides of the triangles so that each diagram is correct according to Pythagoras' Theorem.

Sheep Herding

Arrange the sheep in the field according to the instructions. An introduction to loci.

Don't Shoot The Square

You will need to be quick on the draw to shoot all of the numbers except the square numbers.

Partial Pyramids

Calculate the missing numbers in these partly completed pyramid puzzles.

Transformation Tetris

Develop your skills translating and rotating shapes in this fast paced classic game.


The Transum version of the traditional sliding tile puzzle.

Connect 4 Factors

This a game for one or two players. The winner is the first to line up four numbers with a common factor.

Number Jigsaws

Online, interactive jigsaw puzzles of grids of numbers.

Roman Numerals Jigsaw

An online interactive jigsaw puzzle of a grid of Roman numerals.

Magic Square Jigsaws

Interactive jigsaw puzzles of four by four magic squares.

Fickle Fractions

Compare pairs of fractions to identify the largest or smallest in order to move through the maze.

Threes and Fives

A game for two players who take turns to add a domino to the line in order to score threes and fives.


The Transum version of the Top Trumps game played online with the properties of polygons.

Car Park Puzzle

Can you get your car out of the very crowded car park by moving other cars forwards or backwards?

Six Discrimination

The six button has dropped off! How could these calculations be done using this calculator?

Octagram Star

Arrange the sixteen numbers on the octagram so that the numbers in each line add up to the same total.

Hexagram Star

Arrange the twelve numbers on the hexagram so that the numbers in each line add up to the same total.

Triangled Hexagram

Arrange the twelve numbers in the triangles on the hexagram so that the numbers in each line of five triangles add up to the same total.


Arrange the given digits to make six 3-digit numbers that combine in an awesome way.

Goal Products

Arrange the numbered footballs on the goal posts to make three, 3-number products that are all the same.

Flabbergasted Game

This game for one or two players is an exciting challenge to demonstrate an understanding of factors and multiples.

Particular Pipes

Construct the pipes using a set number of pieces with lengths given as fractions, decimals or percentages.

Formulae to Remember

The traditional pairs or pelmanism game adapted to test recognition for formulae required to be memorised for GCSE exams.

Separated Twins

Can you find a 6 digit number containing two each of the digits one to three which obeys the rules given?

Telling The Time

Practise reading a clock face and solving problems involving converting between units of time.


A daily workout strengthening your ability to do the basic mathematical operations efficiently.

Without Lifting The Pencil

Can you draw these diagrams without lifting your pencil from the paper? This is an interactive version of the traditional puzzle.

River Crossing

The traditional River Crossing challenge. Can you do it in the smallest number of moves?


Arrange the numbers from 1 to 6 in the spaces to make the division calculation correct.

Reading Scales

A self marking exercise on the reading of scales of different types.

Three Prime Sum

A self-marking challenge to write each of the given numbers as the sum of three prime numbers.

Scouts in Boats

Arrange a rota for the Scouts to travel in boats so that they are with different people each day.

Cartoon Scatter Graph

Place the cartoon characters on the scatter graph according to their height and age.

Area Two

How many different shapes with an area of 2 square units can you make by joining dots on this grid with straight lines?

Lemon Law

Change the numbers on the apples so that the number on the lemon is the given total.

Hot Numbers

Move the numbered cards to form five 2-digit numbers which obey the given rules. A ten-stage numeracy challenge.


Interactive, randomly-generated, number-based logic puzzle designed to develop numeracy skills.


Arrange the numbers from 1 to 14 in the spaces to make the sums correct. How fast can you do it?

Pairs Twenty One

Find the pairs of numbers that add up to 21 in this collection of matching games.

Suko Sujiko

Interactive number-based logic puzzles similar to those featuring in daily newspapers.

Circle Pairs

Find the matching pairs of circle diagrams and circle properties in this interactive online game.


Drag the numbered cards to produce a multiplication fact. Complete twenty mixed times tables questions to earn a trophy.


A game of buying and selling property with maths questions thrown in for good measure.

Pu Wiang

A fewest-moves, counter-swapping challenge invented in northern Thailand.

Pancake Day

Toss the pancakes until they are neatly stacked in order of size. Find how to do this using the smallest number of moves.

Vector Cops

Help the cops catch the robbers by finding the vectors that will end the chase.

Trafalgar Square

Solve the number puzzles drawn on the pavement of Trafalgar Square in London.


Arrange the given digits to make three numbers such that the third is the product of the first and the second.

Double Treble

Arrange the digits to make three 3 digit numbers such that the second is double the first and the third is three times the first.

Sieve of Eratosthenes

A self checking, interactive version of the Sieve of Eratosthenes method of finding prime numbers.

Nine Digits

Arrange the given digits to make three numbers such that two of them add up to the third.


Arrange the digits one to nine on the spaces provided to make two division calculations containing multiples of three.

Pie Charts

Develop the skills to construct and interpret pie charts in this self-marking set of exercises.

Go Figure

Arrange the digits one to nine to make the four calculations correct.

Olympic Rings

Place the digits one to nine in each of the regions created by the Olympic rings so that the sum of the numbers in each ring is the same.

Time Sort

Arrange the analogue and digital clock faces in order from earliest to latest

Frequency Trees

Use a frequency tree to show two or more events and the number of times they occurred.

Number Grids

Investigate the properties of number with these interactive number grids.

Yes No Questions

A game to determine the mathematical item by asking questions that can only be answered yes or no.

Snake Sort

Sort the coloured snakes in a logical order. This activity introduces systematic listing.

Number Crunch Saga

A lively numeracy game requiring you to align three numbers to create the given target sum or product.

Angle Chase

Find all of the angles on the geometrical diagrams.

Broken Calculator

Some of the buttons are missing from this calculator. Can you make the totals from 1 to 20?

Systematic Listing

Apply systematic listing strategies to find the number of combinations and permutations of choices.

Indices Pairs

The traditional pairs or pelmanism game adapted to test knowledge of indices.

Prime Labyrinth

Find the path to the centre of the labyrinth by moving along the prime numbers.


Draw transformations online and have them instantly checked. Includes reflections, translations, rotations and enlargements.

Fraction Dissect

Draw lines to dissect the rectangles to make the given fractions.


A game, a puzzle and a challenge involving counters being placed at the corners of a square on a grid.

Scallywags and Scoundrels

Arrange the scallywags and scoundrels on the chairs so that the numbers of any two sitting next to each other add up to a prime number.


Can you arrange all of the counters on the grid to form 10 lines of three counters?

Dominoes Puzzle

Arrange the dominoes in seven squares. The number of dots along each side of the square must be equal to the number in the middle

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