Snowflake Squares  - A Winter Maths Activity

Take a large sheet of squared paper (half cm squares work well)

Repeat the following instructions:

Keep repeating these three instructions until you run out of paper!

Snowflake Square

If you would prefer to do this activity online where each stage is checked by the computer, try Fractal Mosaic. The fractal-like shape produces is not really a snowflake as snowflakes usually have six arms. If it's rotational symmetry of order six you would like to see try the Snowflake Generator.

Mrs A Doherty, Manchester

Monday, February 12, 2007

"I used this activity to help the students follow instruction. I read out the instructions for the small group of students. Each student had his or her paper covered up (like battleships) it was surprising what came out of it. The whole exercise lasted about 10 minutes...I didn't do the end....we adapted it to suit our time limit! Will repeat this one with a different pattern next time!"


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