Magic Square Puzzle


The objective of this challenge is to find sets of four numbers in this magic square that add up to the magic total of 34.

You can click on the numbers to select them. If you make a mistake you can click on a number to deselect it.

Find 14 different ways of making 34 will earn you a level 1 trophy.

Find 21 different ways to earn a level 2 trophy.

Find 28 different ways to earn a level 3 trophy.

Find 35 different ways to earn a level 4 trophy.

Find 42 different ways to earn a level 5 trophy etc.

Sounds easy? Be careful you do not select a group of four numbers you have already found. Duplicates and incorrect totals will send you back to the beginning!

There is a solution to this puzzle but it is only available to those who have a Transum Subscription.

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