End of Term Maths

Last Lesson Of Term

These activities have been chosen to create a buzz for the whole class playing together.

We All Have Computers

If the pupils have their own devices or if you have booked a computer room...

Practical Activities

Get the scissors, glue sticks and that maths equipment you haven't used at all this year for some hands-on tasks.

Nice Weather - Go Outside!

You have been indoors all year so now it is your chance to do some Maths outside.

A Memorable Term End

These activities have proved so popular with pupils that they remember them for years to come.

Don't Get Too Excited

Because sometimes the enthusiasm can get out of hand. Only for those with good crowd control.

A Magical Way To End

Amaze your pupils with these Mathamagic tricks that will baffle everyone until the method is revealed.

We're Going On An Adventure

Maths adventure games have been around since the first computers appeared in schools.

Searching For A Strategy

Playing Maths games against classmates is always more satisfying with a winning strategy.

How About A Class Quiz?

Enjoying a quiz seems to be a popular end of Term activity and there's nothing better than a class quiz.

Online Board Games

Whether you prefer the top hat or racing car you don't need tokens for online board games.

Develop Your Memory

Being able to memorise figures, names or concepts is an important skill which these activities develop.

Newspaper Type Puzzles

Here are some online interactive puzzles of the type often seen in newspapers and which can be quite addictive.

Another Point Of View

A selection of illusions followed by an exercise on matching the view to the direction.

Trains, Cars and Boats

Test your driving skills with these dilemmas and tests of skill.

Programs And Codes

Cracking codes and writing computer programs are skills required for these activities.

Amazing Mazes

You can't get physically lost in these mazes but you may be at a loss mentally.

Steady Hand

If you have a steady hand and nerves of steel you may just be able to do these challenges.

Arty Maths

Exercise both sides of your brain and show your artistic side with these beautiful activities.


Mathematical investigations are open-ended and could take quite a long time.
Activities Pupils Can Do During The Holidays

If you find a selection that interests you then click the title to freeze it or click on one of the small pictures to go directly to the details of that activity.


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