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Trafalgar Square

Solve the number puzzles drawn on the pavement of Trafalgar Square in London.

In London's Trafalgar Square a young man from Slovakia captures the interest of passers-by with puzzles he's drawn with chalk on the pavement.

Chalk drawn puzzles

Above the puzzles were the only instructions:

Trafalgar Square Instructions

When I returned the following week all nine levels were ready for the keen puzzle solvers.

Trafalgar Square Puzzles

Can you explain how to find the missing number in each of the grids in the photograph above? The first few levels are quite easy but then it gets difficult. The answers are available lower down this page for subscribers (except the answer to level 8 which I'm still trying to figure out).

There are some easier 'Trafalgar Square' grids below for you to complete. They contain fixed rules but randomly-generated numbers. You can see how well you are doing by clicking the check button as often as you like as you work through the levels. If you get a level wrong try again:

Level 1


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Level 2


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Level 3


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Level 4


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Level 5


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Level 6


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Level 7


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Level 8


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Level 9


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Do you have any comments about this exercise? Can you do level 8 in the third photograph on this page? Do you enjoy working on the puzzles on the Transum website? Please let me know by entering a comment here.


Lemon Law

Lemon Law

Change the numbers on the apples so that the number on the lemon is the given total.

The short web address is:


Nine Digits

Nine Digits

Arrange the given digits to make three numbers such that two of them add up to the third.

The short web address is:




Place the numbers one to nine in the table so they obey the row and column headings.

The short web address is:


The creators of the Trafalgar Square puzzles have made contact and kindly provided the photographs below:

Kardos photograph 1

Peter Kardos and Daniel Kardos, creators of the Trafalgar Square puzzles

Kardos photograph 2 Kardos photograph 3 Kardos photograph 4

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